Jizz In My Pants – Andy Samberg

Another great video by Andy Samberg and the boys! It may not be your style but I think it is pretty funny. Take a look at the video and watch for the stars that make an appearance in the video (Molly Sims, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and Justin Timberlake).

SNL – Lazy Sunday – Chronicles of Narnia Rap

This is another video that I absolutely love but NBC is always tracking this one down and making sites remove it for copyright reasons. As you can see in other posts that I have made, I have went to NBC’s website and tried to use their videos but they block them from being seen if you aren’t in the USA. What a waste!

    Sorry, This Video Has Been Deleted

Sarah Palin Does Saturday Night Live

Love her or hate her, you have to give credit to Sarah Palin for stepping up and doing Saturday Night Live last night. Although she didn’t do a whole lot on the show, she seemed to have a lot of fun with the SNL crew.

Here is a clip of Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, Lorne Michaels, Alec Baldwin & Mark Wahlberg:

    Sorry, This Video Has Been Deleted

Here is another clip of Sarah Palin with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers. Amy Poehler did a wicked job in this skit and I loved that Palin’s husband Todd was spoofed also:

    Sorry, This Video Has Been Deleted

Tina Fey Parody Of The VP Debate

Wow, it is unreal how well she does Palin! If you watched the debate, you will appreciate this one.

I watched a lot of Fox News this week and the O’Reilly Factor and it was their belief that SNL would have a hard time making fun of her after how “well” she did in the debate. She did read her cheat sheet well and stuck to her talking points but Fey was able to make us laugh once again! :)

Tina Fey Parody Of Sarah Palin

I had a hard time deciding whether to put this under politics or funny stuff but decided that it had to go here because it is just way too funny! Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live (SNL) to do the parody.

The best part about it all is that Tina Fey would probably do as good a job at VP as Palin would. :)

    Sorry, This Video Has Been Deleted