Personalized GPS System

Although you can now buy GPS systems for your car that have different voice tracks, this one is a bit different. It is customized to the “type of person” that you are…

SNL – Lazy Sunday – Chronicles of Narnia Rap

This is another video that I absolutely love but NBC is always tracking this one down and making sites remove it for copyright reasons. As you can see in other posts that I have made, I have went to NBC’s website and tried to use their videos but they block them from being seen if you aren’t in the USA. What a waste!

    Sorry, This Video Has Been Deleted

Kentucky Math

It all adds up!

    Sorry, This Video Has Been Deleted

Mad TV – Heroes Parody

You probably saw the other Heroes parody I posted but check this one out also. Mad TV always does an awesome job….

    Sorry, This Video Has Been Deleted