Retirement Homes Are Everywhere

I have noticed that there are a lot more retirement communities popping up in Ontario lately. It makes sense of course since a big part of our population is getting older. I use to think that retirement homes were basically just plain looking hospitals but some of them now are absolutely beautiful! One of my relatives recently decided to move herself into one and she is living like a Queen. She is well taken care of by the staff and she still has all of the freedom she had when she was living on her own. If you bumped into her at the mall, you would have no idea that she was living in a retirement home.

A friend of mine recently moved to Kingston from Quebec and had asked me if I could help him find a list of retirement residences for his elderly mother. I did a quick Google search and I found the site Within 30 seconds I had a list of about a dozen sites in the area that he could choose from. He’s still in the process of picking one that meets their needs but he should have a decision soon. It isn’t easy sending your mom to live in a home but sometimes it is necessary so that she can get the care she needs.

Retirement living is something that we are all going to have to deal with at some point I guess. We will either have to look into it for our parents or ourselves at some point in our lives. The good thing is that there are homes in BC, Alberta and every other province so we can settle down wherever we want to. I’m only 35 but I wouldn’t mind moving into one today and have people taking care of me. How about you?

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