I Got A Parking Ticket!

I went downtown on Wednesday night and decided to park my car in the public lot at Wellington & Queen. It seemed pretty busy downtown so I was happy that I was able to find a spot right by the sidewalk running down Queen St…right in front of the electronic ticket machine. I wasn’t sure how long I would be so I made sure that I put a couple dollars in so that I would have 2 hours worth of time and went on my way.

I came back awhile later to find that I had a $15 parking ticket ($10 if I paid it within a week). Obviously I was mad and more than a little confused! As I looked over the ticket, I saw that it said “event parking” so there was a flat rate that was suppose to be paid to park in the public lot. There was no sign on the ticket machine I used but as I wandered back to the front of the lot, I saw a little sign saying that there was an event at the (K-Rock Centre (text link to http://www.k-rockcentre.com/)) so the prices would increase after 5:30pm (I think that was the time).

Now I’m all for the idea behind using the lots for the events but I wasn’t too happy in this situation as I don’t think that the sign was clearly visible when I pulled into the lot. Before getting this ticket, it was my belief that the city would adjust the price of parking via the ticket machine on event days instead of having to pay for 5 hours of parking.

So now I am looking at $12 for parking when I thought I was paying for extra time than I needed with my initial $2. I would have been better off not putting anything in the meter at all! I still support the idea behind it all but I guess I just wish we had of bought bigger signs for the lot when we pumped $40 million into the project.

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