Video Games Galore

It seems that every time I talk to Jakob, he has a list of a hundred new video games that he has played online. Despite his young age, he is getting very good at finding the game sites online via Google. His mom does a good job of limiting the time he spends playing the games so I am not too worried that he could be doing other things instead of the games. He just packs a lot of stuff into his time on the PC. Luckily for the both of us, all the games that he plays only require a keyboard and or mouse so he hasn’t come to us asking for video game controllers…yet.

Last year he got the Nintendo Wii for either his birthday or Christmas. Sorry, I can’t remember off the top of my head. He seems to like it but for some reason he doesn’t get to play it a lot. I am glad that he got the Wii instead of the Xbox 360. The interactive games are pretty cool and you can play most of them with the entire family if you want. To me, the Wii games are like a modern day version of board games…fun for the whole family lol.

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