Why So Curious?

Have you ever noticed how many different methods of crowd control we face on a regular basis? Now we aren’t always bunched up in a crowd but the devices usually work well for single person or dozens at a time. Traffic lights, signs and painted lines help control chaos on the streets and things such as doors and walls can help control the flow of people indoors. Even the width of a checkout aisle at the store is designed to keep people in an orderly line. Regardless, if you are anything like me, you hate waiting in lines of any sort!

My favourite device is the infamous velvet rope. You can find them at the movie theatre, banks and night clubs. I laugh every time that I see one of these stanchions being used because you could easily step over them if you wanted to or tip the brass stands that they are clipped on to yet we still respect them. People would never dare step over the rope but somehow they have no problem climbing over different types of barricades surrounding construction sites. I guess more people fear getting a punch in the nose from a bouncer working a line than they do falling into some man made pit. Human’s are funny, that’s for sure.

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