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What Happens In Vegas


I am hoping to make it down to Vegas in November for the big Pubcon convention. I went to one of their events a couple years ago down in Boston but the one in Vegas is suppose to be way better. There are a lot of good speakers at all of their events and I really like the trade show exhibits put on by the affiliate companies. They really put a lot of work into their booths to try and pick up as many new affiliates as they can. Google, Yahoo and other big companies usually take up the most amount of room in the convention center but the smaller companies make good use of their space also.

In Boston, one of the affiliate companies didn’t invest a lot of money in free gifts like pens and coffee mugs but they did have really slick table covers with the logo of one of their brands on it. It really drew a lot of people over to their booth just to look at their signage. Another vendor used a big table top display to show off one of their brands. It attracted everyone to their booth and then they handed you a free t-shirt that had the exact same logo on it. I still have the t-shirt to this day and the logo sticks out like a sore thumb every time I see it online. I guess branding works. I can’t wait to see what the big boys have planned for us in Vegas. How about a free branded car instead of a t-shirt? Sign me up!

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