Should I Sell My Gold?

My friends all know that I love gold. I own a bunch of gold jewelry and I am always looking to buy more. It isn’t that I want to end up looking like Mister T or anything like that, I just think that it looks nicer than silver. Shopping got a whole lot more difficult lately since gold prices have went through the roof. If you are looking to buy gold right now, you can expect to pay somewhere around $1,000US per ounce plus the cost for designing and making the piece.

These high prices make me wish that I had of bought a whole bunch of gold a few years ago when the prices were around a third of what they are now. There are so many businesses popping up that will buy just about anything from scrap gold to fine jewelry. They will even buy gold bullion from you if you are lucky enough to own some. To be honest, I have even considered selling some of my gold since the prices are so high. Sure it has some sentimental value to me but everything is for sale…at the right price of course.

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