Myrtle Beach Here I Come

I try to head down to the States a few times per year but I find myself going to the same cities over and over again. Last year my uncle took a few family members down to a Myrtle Beach resort and they all had a blast. It was close enough that they could drive down if they wanted to buy they decided to fly down instead. They figured that the rates they were getting quoted from the various Myrtle Beach hotels that they could afford to spend a little more on airfare instead of being cramped in the car for hours on end. I don’t care how short a trip is, I would always choose flying over driving!

So I think that I might start looking into some Myrtle Beach resorts for some golf packages. All the boys say that the golf courses there are amazing so why not? I figure that I can probably get three other guys to join me if I give them enough notice and that should help bring down some of the costs. A little fun in the sun and a bit of night life is all that I am looking for. I guess it is time to start saving up some of that spending money.

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