Mark Is Loving Australia

I just got an email from my buddy Mark who moved down to Australia a few years to go to work for a company called Collex (but they recently changed their name to Veolia). I won’t bore you with the details of what it is that he does for them or anything like that but he does work in the Collex waste management services division. He absolutely loves the company and has no plans to move back to Canada any time soon. He said that they keep him real busy and are always giving him new projects to work on.

Right now, he is working on a skip for hire Australia promotion where they are trying to get people to know more about the solutions that Veolia provides. It’s way outside my area of expertise but it appears to be right up his alley. I guess these skips are basically just recycling bins that people or companies can rent out and then they will come and make the collections at some point. Recycling is big business of course so I am sure that these guys will be doing well for quite some time to come. Regardless, I am just hoping that Mark saves up enough money from all this hard work to send me a free plane ticket to come visit him!

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