Lighting Suggestions For A New Home

A friend of mine is in the process of buying a house right now so she had asked me if I could give her a hand picking out some of the new lighting for her home. For those of you that know me, you know that I am not the greatest interior decorator but I thought I would at least offer her my opinion. She said that she knows what she likes but she wanted a guy’s opinion on a few things so why not huh? All I said to her was that I didn’t want to spend hours at the stores looking at everything so she told me that I could just send her links online to my choices…perfect!

I don’t know about you but I really like the looks of the George Kovacs lamps. They all look very modern and unique. Personally, I get tired of people decorating their homes like they are 50 year old grandparents! If you are young then let your home reflect that…at least that is my way of thinking. Don’t get me wrong though, you can get some classic pieces for certain rooms of the house. The dining room is a nice formal area so I have no problem picking out some fine art lamps as long as they go with the rest of the decor in that room. Hmm, maybe I am a good interior decorator after all. What do you think?

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