I Hate Helping People Move

Don’t you hate moving? I know that I do! Why is it that we would lend friends our last dollar to help them out or maybe even get in a fist fight to defend them but we often come up with a thousand excuses to get out of helping them move? I made up my mind long ago that I would always use professional movers on all of my future moves. Now I focus on getting moving companies for all of my friends so that I don’t have to break my back helping them save a couple hundred bucks.

I have no problem helping anyone move a couple small things here and there but if it is any more than that, I will gladly contribute a few bucks to hiring one of the budget van lines to lend a hand instead. A lot of people think that the pros are going to charge you an arm and a leg so they don’t even consider it an option. The fact of the matter is that if you are doing a local move, one of the budget van lines will try their best to set you up with something that works for you. As long as you plan your move ahead of time and you’re moving date doesn’t fall on a busy weekend of the year, there is usually no problem getting a truck.

So, if you need a hand moving some furniture around or taking something old over to a local charity then I’m your guy. If it is anything more than that, just give me a call ahead of time and I will find you some movers for you. Fair enough?

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