Flowers Are A Good Choice

As all of you know, Mother’s Day just passed and I am sure that a lot of you guys went out and bought your mom some flowers for the occasion. In all honesty, is there really anything else to get your mom? My mom’s birthday is a week after Mother’s Day so I try to combine the two and get her a decent gift that she can use. That open’s up a whole new set of problems though because my mom can never give me any suggestions! So once again, she will be getting another gift card this year.

My mom does like flowers though so I try to get her some every now and then. If you don’t shop around, you can end up spending a fortune on something that only lasts a couple days. I know it’s the thought that counts but it is nice when you can buy a bouquet that will live longer than 72 hours. Whether you are shopping for your mom or your significant other, you can usually find lots of flowers under $50. Sometimes the delivery will cost you a bit extra but it is usually worth it.

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