Drug Rehab & Entertainers

I can’t believe how many celebs and athletes that are being treated for various addictions. It makes sense in some cases but where does it end? I might lead a bit of a sheltered life but I don’t really know anyone that has been treated for any sort of addiction. I do joke with a few friends that they may need alcohol rehab but that is the extent of it. I do applaud the people for getting help but why does it always come to that? I thought they paid people to look out for them but clearly they don’t.

There is so much drug rehab info on the Internet that if anyone thought that they might have a problem, they could find out everything they need to about the disease. From there I guess it is just deciding on which facility to go to. I watch the show Intervention all the time and they usually end up sending the people to some pretty awesome places. Every now and then they will post a URL that leads you to some pretty detailed addiction resource information so that you can help out loved ones that have a problem. Maybe more entertainers should start watching the show.

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