Conference Time

I am thinking about going to a webmaster conference in Vegas this year. I have been to one in Boston a couple years ago and had a good time there. The seminars weren’t the greatest but the networking was well worth the ticket price. Every now and then they will have a few Celebrity Speakers at these conferences but for the most part, it is just industry type guys talking about trends etc. Which makes sense of course when you are paying big money to listen people speak about your profession.

Some of the motivational speakers that come to the conferences are really good also. Not all of them are speakers by profession but they can be pretty good at firing up a crowd when they start talking about making money. I keep checking the websites for the conference info to be updated but it is taking them forever. I want to know who is going to be speaking before I start making the travel arrangements. Oh well, even if it sucks, I might just go to Vegas to have fun and skip the conference completely. That would certainly give me more money to spend in the casino!

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