MMA Double Knockout

You see lots of this stuff in the movies but how often do you see it in real life? Seems impossible but obviously it isn’t…

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I Love Bass Fishing

Everyone knows that I love to fish. But do they really know why I love bass fishing most of all?

Ronaldo – Going, Going, Gone!

Looks like Manchester United got the money that they were looking for. Real Madrid offered them $130 million for Christiano Ronaldo and they have accepted. I am not the biggest ronaldo fan but you can’t deny that he is a wizard with the ball. Check out the full story here.

While you are checking that out, be sure to check out the top 20 transfer targets over here.

Old School UFC Knockouts

The UFC has come along way over the years. Gone are the days of the tournament style championships and “no rules”. Ah but they do offer some awesome knockouts!

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Mike Love – Stooley’s Christmas Gift

Oh Mike Love…no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you always end up picking my crappy gift every year at the Stooley’s Christmas Party!! You are a great sport though and as you know, it is always the highlight of the party :)

Top 50 Football Goals

Check out some of the goals in this video! Sadly, I missed the cut as one of mine was ranked #51