Sarah Palin Speaking In Asia

I guess some business people over in Asia are going to start sucking up to Palin early just in case she pulls off a miracle in 2012. It would be nice if we could watch it but it is going to be private. Maybe someone will leak it online so we can hear what she spoke about. If you want to read about it, click the link below…

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Hillary Clinton Kiss And Diss

Bill Clinton gets a tast of his own medicine from his wife Hillary Clinton. Another boost for Obama’s ego!

Berlusconi Picking His Nose And Eating It

It is good to see that Berlusconi doesn’t waste “food”. It just goes to show that when you are a celebrity or a politician, there is always a camera on you.

    Sorry, This Video Has Been Deleted

Stimulus Bill – Racist Cartoon?

You may not have heard the original story but a chimp was shot and killed by police after it attacked someone. You can read the story (here ). The New York Post had the following cartoon in their Feb 18th newspaper:

What Some White People In America Think Of Obama

I don’t think it is a surprise to anyone that there ae a lot of Americans that are worried about a black man becoming president of the United States. It might surprise you though to actually hear them saying it. The thing that I love most is that people in the States actually believe that Obama is an Arab and a Muslim. I guess they have missed the non-stop references to Obama’s church and his Rev. Jeremiah Wright. As an Internet Marketer, it makes me happy to know that people actually believe everything they read and see on the Internet!

Katie Couric Interviews Sarah Palin

If you didn’t catch this interview, you have to watch it! It is hard to believe that this woman could be running the US in a few years. It isn’t so much that she is an “idiot” but more that she is so out of her league.

    Sorry, This Video Has Been Deleted

People argue that she has at least as much experience as Obama. I think the difference is that he has been preparing for the job of president for quite some time whereas Palin was picked simply to attract religious votes and the female vote. Initially it was a smart move for McCain to pick her but Americans and the rest of the world are now starting to see ho irresponsible the pick was.

I can’t wait to see the VP debate on Thursday. Biden has a good chance to crush her and take some big shots at the McCain campaign but will he pull the trigger? If he does crush her, will she step aside for “personal” reasons and allow someone else to take her place? It should be an interesting few weeks before the election!

Tina Fey did a great parody of this interview! If you want to check it out, just click the link to see the Tina Fey Parody.