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Openly Gay Police Constable In Jamaica

Jamaica is probably the worst place on earth to live if you are a homosexual. What you do behind closed doors could get you severely beaten or even killed. This Jamaican police constable decided to come out of the closet and share his story. Depending on which side of the issue you support, he is [...]

Obscenity Fines? What A Joke!

I am a huge dancehall fan so I am use to all the hardcore lyrics about killing each other, cursing, swearing and of course the mandatory calls for gays to be wiped off the face of the earth. I expect all of this when I listen to a new Stone Love recording or head to [...]

Bleaching - A Serious Problem

People are always trying to change the way they look. Some exercise or adjust their diet while others take things to the extreme and get plastic surgery. Would you ever want to change your skin colour though? Your first reaction might be “no way” but think about it for a minute. Do you think that [...]

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