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The Pooter In New York City

I know a lot of you will find this childish but I absolutely love this thing! I think I will buy Jakob one of these lol. I love the reaction by some of these people!

Kanye Is A Jackass - Says Obama

Everyone has heard the drama about Kanye and Swift and now the president weighs in on it all. This is audio of Obama speaking “off the record” about the incident. Brief but funny… Embedded video from CNN Video

Stride Gum Commercial - Lederhosen

I laugh my head off every time that I see this commercial! I am a HUGE fan of European Vacation with Chevy Chase and this reminds me of when Clark Griswold is dancing in Germany

Friends With Benefits

A lot of guys are trying to set up a “friends with benefits” relationship with little to no success. Why not turn the discussion into a serious one…with graphs and charts?

Stevie Wonder On Michael Jackson

Stevie Wonder On Michael Jackson’s death. I love this one!

Locking Up Your Bike

Times are tough so there will be a lot of people looking for ways to make ends meet…like stealing bikes. This guy has a solution to that problem though…

OctoMom Halloween Costume

Here is a great halloween costume idea, the OctoMom!

Redneck Fire Alarm

Even in these economically challenged times, you have to spend some money on fire safety. Here is the Redneck Fire Alarm … available at most local grocery and Wal-Mart stores.

One Well Trained Dog

For those of us that are single, we are always looking for new ways to meet women. Owning a dog like this might just be the answer!

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