Sarah Palin Speaking In Asia

I guess some business people over in Asia are going to start sucking up to Palin early just in case she pulls off a miracle in 2012. It would be nice if we could watch it but it is going to be private. Maybe someone will leak it online so we can hear what she spoke about. If you want to read about it, click the link below…

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The Summer Is Almost Over!

I can’t believe that the summer is almost over! We have had a lot of crappy weather this year which has made things even worse. I swear that it has rained more than any other year in my adult life. Hopefully we will get some nice weather in September and October to make up for it. Keep your fingers crossed.

MMA Double Knockout

You see lots of this stuff in the movies but how often do you see it in real life? Seems impossible but obviously it isn’t…

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Baby Loves Bacon!

This baby really loves bacon!

Man Digs 50ft Hole To Fish – In His Kitchen

I love this story! A guy in China hired 30 villagers for 6 months to dig a 50ft hole in his kitchen. He knew that there was an underground river somewhere beneath his house and he was betting that it was full of fish. His assumption was right and he has made about $5,000 from selling the fish so far. Brilliant!

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5 Worst Websites

I am sure everyone has their own list but this is’s list of websites to avoid…

Time.Com’s 5 Worst Websites

In order they are:

Man Has 21 Kids With 11 Women

This guy has been busy! I had always heard that women like to talk, gossip and share secrets. Clearly these women weren’t listening to the stories about him!

Softball Registration

Someone goofed big time on this ad! All I have to say is that they were lucky this wasn’t for a church league :)

Friends With Benefits

A lot of guys are trying to set up a “friends with benefits” relationship with little to no success. Why not turn the discussion into a serious one…with graphs and charts?

Holy Birds Batman!

After the crash landing on the Hudson, there has been more talk about planes and birds. The problem has been around for years of course. Check out the amount of birds that this pilot has to deal with…