Stevie Wonder On Michael Jackson

Stevie Wonder On Michael Jackson’s death. I love this one! :)

Hard To Get Tickets

There are a lot of sold out events and this guy has a great idea on how to get his tickets. Something tells me that a woman holding a similar sign would have better luck…

I Love Bass Fishing

Everyone knows that I love to fish. But do they really know why I love bass fishing most of all?

Locking Up Your Bike

Times are tough so there will be a lot of people looking for ways to make ends meet…like stealing bikes. This guy has a solution to that problem though…

Hot For Teacher

This news story is a little older but I thought better late than never. “Hot For Teacher” is a pretty good theme night to get people out to an event but the story behind it is pretty funny (or creepy)…depending on what side of the fence you are on.

New Pencil Sharpener

Thought that this pencil sharpener would make a great Christmas gift for the exchange at work…

Meth Is Romantic

A great ad campaign that they had running in the States to try and combat Meth use.

Interesting Passenger Seat

Ladies, be very careful if some guy offers you a ride on a motorcycle. You might want to check out the seating arrangements first…

Computer Geek Bumper Sticker

For all of us that work with websites etc, this is a bumper sticker made just for us…

OctoMom Halloween Costume

Here is a great halloween costume idea, the OctoMom!