The Splatter Zone

Everyone loves to go to the zoo! Just make sure that you read all the warning signs when you get there…

Water On Mars?

Jakob didn’t believe me that they found water on Mars…

Ronaldo – Going, Going, Gone!

Looks like Manchester United got the money that they were looking for. Real Madrid offered them $130 million for Christiano Ronaldo and they have accepted. I am not the biggest ronaldo fan but you can’t deny that he is a wizard with the ball. Check out the full story here.

While you are checking that out, be sure to check out the top 20 transfer targets over here.

Bruno & Eminem Stunt

To me it didn’t look like Eminem was in on the stunt but clearly everyone else at MTV was…

Bugs Bunny Still Going Strong!

I was amazed to see that Jakob is watching the same cartoons as I did when I was his age. Until recently, I didn’t even know that the Bugs Bunny cartoons were on the air still. I might have to get back into watching them again.