Cell Regeneration

This stuff is simply amazing! Now you can grow yourself a new body part. The Brave New World is here! Nothing seems to be impossible any more…

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Berlusconi Picking His Nose And Eating It

It is good to see that Berlusconi doesn’t waste “food”. It just goes to show that when you are a celebrity or a politician, there is always a camera on you.

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Heineken Commercial – Dream Closet

I am sure that you have seen this commercial but as a Heineken drinker, I had to post it. Hopefully I have a closet like this some day….

9 Letter Word Riddle

This one is a good riddle…maybe use it as a bar bet?

South Park Wheel Of Fortune

I am not sure how many of you are South Park fans but I LOVE the show! They really push the envelope and deal with some very touchy subjects. This video here is one of my favourites of all time! Sorry about the quality of the video but they keep pulling the original videos due to copyright so people have to film their television and then post those videos.

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Ferrari F1 Races Street Cars Around Track

We all know that an F1 race car is fast but how fast do you think they are? Check out this video…The Ferrari F1 team allows two other “fast” street cars start the race before they do and then tries to beat them around the track. This really puts things into perspective!

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Kentucky Math

It all adds up!

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Cement Soccer Ball – Man These Guys Are Cruel

These guys are cruel for sure! For anyone that has broken a toe, ankle or injured their ankle in any way, I am sure you cringe in every scene.